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GRE Preparation Courses

GRE Prep Courses & GRE Private Tutoring

Planning to take the GRE exam? Our experienced instructors teach students important exam content and exam strategies through our GRE preparation courses and GRE tutoring services. Online or in-office GRE group courses & private lessons. Experienced GRE tutors & efficient online database. References with 165+ worldwide. Feel safe with our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.
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GRE Groups

GRE Prep Course

In our GRE test preparation course, we offer a comprehensive education including all the topics.

GRE Exam Prep Groups

We open a 4-month GRE prep courses every year

We offer a variety of GRE lessons and GRE Prep materials to help you increase the score in the GRE General Test. Thanks to our experts, you feel more confident on GRE test day. To learn about the GRE General Test with our test preparation tools, you can join 4-month GRE prep course.
Through the GRE prep course, students get a chance to get admission to Graduate School or Business School. If you want to show your skills to schools, you can do it with the GRE Test. Our GRE prep course help you do your best on the test day. While increasing your subject knowledge, you will also learn the necessary tips about the exam and time management at the same time. 4-months of courses are handled by expert GRE tutors with our carefully prepared programs. We provide the best GRE education in 6-student classes created according to students’ levels.

The guided prep led by experienced GRE tutors who know how to teach strategies well. They teach you everything you need to know about the test, using similar questions to the test and the techniques can be applied easily on GRE test day.

72 hours of lessons
20+10 Real and timed GRE practice tests
100% Refund Guarantee if you are unhappy with the 1st-week lessons
All the materials will be provided

*10 practice tests will be held regularly. 20 practice tests can be taken at any time by the student. After regular practice tests, problem-solving lessons will be held in which the questions that students could not solve or solved incorrectly are evaluated after every 2 practice tests.

GRE Classes

Don't be late to start GRE prep courses and catch applications

TestPrep's 6-student class GRE prep course is designed to provide students with individual attention and guidance. Small classes help us better understand students' learning style and needs. Students can support each other by interacting with classmates, collaborating with each other, and exchanging ideas about exam strategies.

GRE prep course provide students with a comprehensive education in the content, format and strategies of the exam. Throughout the course, students have access to practice exams and practice questions. In addition, they can prepare for the questions they will encounter in the exam with the essays and practice questions in their lessons.

The GRE prep course is taught by experienced and highly qualified instructors. Instructors create a learning plan customized to students' needs and closely monitor students' progress. Instructors provide strategies and tactics to help students maximize their performance on the exam.

Save 40% with GRE prep course
GRE Classes

Save 40% with GRE prep course

Pricing & Registration
All GRE Topics
GRE Classes

All GRE Topics

Reinforce your learning with homework assignments after each lesson with the syllabus and materials prepared by our experienced GRE tutors. Prepare for this race against time in the best way possible, with the online tests that we apply at the end of the topics.
GRE Tutor Profile
GRE Classes

GRE Tutor Profile

Focusing on teaching tips and tricks to pass the test, instilling a true passion for learning, and teaching students the basic test techniques that will help them succeed, Test Prep instructors are selected from GRE tutors teaching around the world.
All GRE Courses Schedule

GRE Prep Course Schedule | GRE Courses Lasting 4 Months

We reinforce the 72-hour GRE prep course program with 30 GRE practice exams. With our carefully selected study materials, we work to get you above 160 in the exam. The groups created according to the students' levels are given with the latest technology with lessons that include all topics. Our GRE question banks and worksheets aim to get you the highest score in a short time.


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Fiyatlar & Kayıt

GRE Private Tutoring Tailored to Your Needs

Flexible GRE tutoring

- Single 90-minute lesson on TestPrep Interactive Online Platform with 10+ Years Experienced GRE Teacher.

- You can choose from any subjects.

- You can create a lesson program according to your own convenient hours.

Top GRE instructors with 10+ years of experience

Our experienced teachers are working to get you to your dream university.

Personal GRE Program

Our private lesson programs are created according to the appropriate times of the students. We help our students who have decided on the date they will take the exam to create a program. Reach the desired score in a short time with weekday or weekend lesson options.

Global GRE Tutoring Team

Test Prep, which operates worldwide, connects you with GRE teachers all over the world with online classes. Test Prep study materials compiled from hundreds of different sources, working with the best GRE instructors worldwide.

Online GRE Classes

Online GRE Classes: Master the GRE with Unmatched Flexibility and Personalization.

Master Effective Testing Strategies
Online GRE Practice Tests
1 to 1 Premium Tutoring
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In our GRE private tutoring classes, we make it easy for you to figure out where and how to start studying and to stay up-to-date until the GRE test day. Our tailored study timetable accommodates varying study times and skills of the student. During the private tutoring sessions, you are going to discover the best way to study. Create customized practice sessions to improve your pace on GRE, recover specific subjects, and make the hardest questions easier!

Expert GRE tutors

Getting a top-tier score on the GRE test is often critical to getting admission to your dream school. We have experience and knowledge about how the test makers think and we know how to teach the study tips to achieve a good score on the GRE through our GRE prep courses and private tutoring. Our online education system gives students access to our unrivaled international teacher team and test-like study materials. So students can get the best support from all over the world.


Your GRE practice tests and study materials will be close to the real test. At the end of the practice tests and homework, get the results immediately, go over the mistakes with your GRE tutor. In this way, improve your study quality. At the end of the online classes, students not only master effective testing strategies but also have opportunities to practice comprehensively using the materials covered during the lesson. You'll be ultimately prapared.
Exclusive Features

GRE tactics and strategies for your convenience

Strategic thinking, time management and practice skills are essential to success on the GRE exam.

Understand the question types: Understanding the question types and format of the questions on the GRE exam is crucial to your success in the exam. The question types included in the exam include topics such as analytical writing, quantitative comparison, verbal logic, and reading comprehension.
Manage time: The GRE exam is one that must be answered in a limited amount of time. There is a certain time limit for each part of the exam. To successfully complete the exam, it is very important to manage time and set aside enough time to answer each question.
Think strategically: On the GRE exam, many questions can be complex and lengthy. Therefore, strategic thinking skills are important for your success in the exam. You can break down questions, define keywords, and make guesses to find correct answer options to understand and quickly answer questions.
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