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Do you want to learn excellent strategies that can help you succeed in the TOEFL iBT test? Do you want to master the rules of English Grammar to increase your score? With Test Prep's best TOEFL iBT course online, you'll learn a lot of information and TOEFL techniques to help you understand the structure of the TOEFL test. During the course, you will gain many of the skills needed to pass the exam.


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Join the online best TOEFL iBT prep course

Do you want to learn excellent strategies that can help you succeed in the TOEFL iBT test? Do you want to master the rules of English Grammar to increase your score? With Test Prep's best TOEFL iBT prep course online, you'll learn a lot of information and TOEFL techniques to help you understand the structure of the TOEFL test. During the course, you will gain many of the skills needed to pass the exam.

The Online TOEFL course, which lasts for 2.5 months, is opened every two months. Our carefully prepared programs will be given by TOEFL teachers with 15+ years of experience. We are with you in the race against time with online homework and TOEFL practice exams. We provide the best TOEFL course in 6-person classes created according to students' levels.

The best TOEFL course and TOEFL tutoring online with experienced TOEFL iBT tutors
120-score TOEFL Instructor
Online TOEFL practice tests and online assignments
Student satisfaction guarantee that will make you feel safe

This course helped me so much on my TOEFL iBT prep. Highly recommend this course for first-time test takers or even those taking it again. My score improved 30+ points from my first test to my 2nd TOEFL test. The classes are interesting and captivate students, instead of listening to boring lectures for 2 hours. Amazing tips and shortcuts for the TOEFL. 🙂

Test Prep TOEFL iBT Student – Gabriela Faria
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TOEFL Course Schedule | 2.5 Months TOEFL Preparation Courses

We reinforce the 50-hour online TOEFL course program with 10 practice exams. With our carefully selected study materials, we are working to get you 100+ in the exam. The groups created according to the students' levels are given with the latest technology with lessons that include all subjects. In our 50-hour course, students take this exam programmatically and alternately for each TOEFL skill (Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing). TOEFL iBT® (Internet Based Test) Preparation Course consists of 4 parts. The aim of our course is to best prepare students for the TOEFL iBT® exam by developing the skills in these 4 sections. Students do not need to buy any books for the course, all materials will be provided by the course.


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***Son kayıt tarihi: 09 Şubat 2024***
Pazartesi - Çarşamba - Cuma: 18:00 - 20:15
Monday - Wednesday - Friday: 6pm - 8:15pm
Exclusive Features

TOEFL preparation test day tactics and strategies that will earn you points

Manage time effectively in the test!

We also offer free registration support for this exam, which you can easily register online.
The practice exams we apply at the beginning of the courses and the practice exams we apply throughout the course are also free of charge. With our unlimited number of course materials, we do not leave any missing parts or topics in preparation for the exam.
After closing all your shortcomings, we give you all the support we recommend you take from the beginning to the end. One of the most preferred reasons for this exam is that it is widely accepted. In addition, it gives you a realistic picture and result by measuring the above-mentioned 4 skills in the most accurate way.
You can contact us on our contact page for the best TOEFL course we conduct with our professional and experienced instructors. For detailed information about the exam, you can visit the official website.
With our course materials that are constantly renewed and belong to different publishers, we find the most suitable source for you. While we enable you to continue your work uninterruptedly with intense assignments, we also go over your mistakes. In this way, we aim to have a hassle-free exam day with the best TOEFL course that we are with you from beginning to end.

If you’re looking to ace the TOEFL, I highly recommend joining to TestPrep’s online TOEFL classes. Each and everyday will be a learning experience for all. Personally, my scores for practice tests have significantly increased. My tutor has helped strengthen my stamina and timing, and he will do anything in his hands to make sure all try their best and succeed. To obtain these benefits, taking some of their courses/programs is a great way to start.

Test Prep TOEFL iBT student – Omar Faizan
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TOEFL iBT Tutoring

Our online TOEFL iBT tutoring programs are focused on success in a short time

If you want maximum results on the TOEFL iBT exam in minimum time, the tutoring programs offered by Test Prep are for you. It is not impossible for you to be successful with your own study for TOEFL, which is a time-tested test, but it is very difficult. For this reason, you will save time with our TOEFL iBT private lessons prepared to make up for your shortcomings in a short time. In addition, you can reach high scores thanks to our professional education staff and TOEFL lessons. Get ready in no time with the best TOEFL course.

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Personal TOEFL iBT Program
Our private lesson programs are created according to the students' available times. We help our students who have decided on the date they will take the exam, to create a program. Reach the desired score in a short time with weekday or weekend course options.
Global TOEFL iBT Tutoring Team
Operating worldwide, Test Prep connects you with TOEFL teachers around the world with its online lessons. Work with the best TOEFL iBT instructors worldwide and beat the 100 with Test Prep study materials compiled from hundreds of different sources.
Premium TOEFL Hazırlık Kursları

Take your language education one step further, reach 100+ scores in a short time

You can choose from 4 sections
You can take lessons from any section you want
You can create a lesson program according to your own convenient hours.

TOEFL iBT Tutoring Packages

Sign up for TOEFL iBT tutoring packages and not be affected by price changes

TestPrep's online TOEFL tutoring team focuses on getting the student 100+ points. For this reason, we have prepared TOEFL tutoring packages that cover all topics, tips and shortcuts, aiming for rapid and robust development. These packages, which are strengthened by practice exams, have been prepared to give you the closest support to the exam.

Online TOEFL Lessons

High-tech online TOEFL course with you in the race against time

Our online education gives students access to our unrivaled team of international teachers. So students can get the best support for them wherever they are. With the Test Prep Online infrastructure, students can share audio, video, slides, chat and screen in real time. From drawing graphs to writing chemical equations to the flexibility and responsiveness of online workspaces, students and teachers are allowed to explore in detail together. Thanks to the best TOEFL course, at the end of the online lessons, students not only have a good grasp of effective testing strategies, but also have ample opportunities to practice extensively using the materials covered during the lesson. Thanks to the Online TOEFL Course, you can reach the highest score without wasting time.

Online TOEFL Assignments
Solve questions against the clock with the online question bank created by teachers in the TOEFL, which is a race against time. At the end of the lessons, the questions sent to the students are solved and graded on our system. Thanks to our online system, the start and end times of the assignments are checked. In this way, student follow-up is carried out at the highest level. In addition, by observing the time spent on questions, it paves the way for our students to use time efficiently.
Online TOEFL Deneme Sınavları
We have all the practices and materials you need to master TOEFL strategies and approaches, including 60 online practice exams and 3,700+ study questions. The score reports sent to the students at the end of the practice exams provide the best understanding of each question. So you can quickly understand where you went wrong. The essays applied at the end of the course are based on giving students a real exam experience. In the race against time, Test Prep is with you.
Arturo Cade

TestPrep’s TOEFL Prep Course was rich in practice resources, including comprehensive practice tests and sample questions. These resources played a pivotal role in familiarizing me with the structure and content of the TOEFL exam. The practice tests provided an accurate simulation of the actual exam experience, enabling me to develop familiarity with the timing and pacing required. The detailed performance analysis and constructive feedback provided after each practice test were instrumental in tracking my progress and fine-tuning my preparation.

I was particularly impressed by the emphasis placed on each language skill essential for success in the TOEFL exam. The course provided targeted strategies and engaging practice exercises for reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The instructors offered invaluable guidance on effective reading comprehension techniques, active listening skills, speaking fluency, and coherent writing structures. These skills not only helped me excel in the TOEFL exam but also proved invaluable in my academic and professional pursuits.
Moreover, TestPrep’s course fostered an interactive and dynamic learning environment. Through group discussions, speaking exercises, and collaborative activities, I had ample opportunities to practice and enhance my English language skills. The supportive atmosphere created by the instructors and fellow students boosted my confidence and fluency in using English in real-life scenarios.
Thanks to TestPrep’s TOEFL Prep Course, I achieved a remarkable score that exceeded my expectations. The course not only provided me with the knowledge and strategies needed to succeed in the TOEFL exam but also equipped me with the confidence and proficiency to communicate effectively in English. I now feel well-prepared to pursue my academic goals and engage confidently in English-speaking environments.
I wholeheartedly recommend TestPrep’s TOEFL Prep Course to any student seeking to excel in the exam. With its comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, realistic practice resources, and focus on all language skills, TestPrep provides the ideal choice for TOEFL preparation. Trust me; you will receive the guidance and support necessary to achieve your desired score.
Thank you, TestPrep, for your outstanding TOEFL Prep Course. Your commitment to student success and the quality of your program have been instrumental in helping me reach my goals.

Theodoros Dris

Upon enrolling in TestPrep’s TOEFL Prep Course, I immediately recognized the value of my decision. The course was meticulously designed, offering a comprehensive and structured approach to covering all sections of the TOEFL exam. The study materials provided were of outstanding quality, presenting clear explanations, relevant examples, and effective strategies that proved instrumental in improving my English language skills.
An aspect that truly impressed me was the expertise and dedication exhibited by the instructors. Their profound knowledge of teaching English as a second language and their deep understanding of the TOEFL exam format and requirements were evident throughout the course. Their unwavering passion for teaching and commitment to student success shone through as they provided invaluable guidance, promptly addressing my concerns, and offering personalized feedback that helped me identify my strengths and areas for improvement.

Mustafa Laghmani

I recently completed one on one online private tutoring for the TOEFL through TestPrep. It was an extremely invaluable experience. My tutor was able to isolate my issues and work through them with me. I would also recommend the live and interactive online tutoring interface that TestPrep has established (especially for those like me who do not reside in Turkey). I think it works as well as face-to-face tutoring. A fantastic experience overall.

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