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YOS Exam Preparation Course & YOS Private Tutoring

YOS tutoring and Best YOS Exam preparation courses are taught by TestPrep's experienced teachers. There is no difference in efficiency between YOS private lessons and YOS exam preparation course. While YOS private lessons are shaped according to the student's schedule, YOS online courses have a fixed schedule. Online YOS courses & private tutoring. Experienced tutors & efficient online database. Feel safe with our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy. #YOS #MATHEMATICS #GEOMETRY #GENERAL ABILITY #BEST YOS COURSE

YOS Groups

YOS Exam Prep Course

In our YOS exam preparation course, we offer a comprehensive education including all the topics.

YOS Exam Prep Groups

We open a 5-month YOS exam prep course every year

As Test Prep, we offer YOS exam preparation courses with our professional instructors to prepare students for the YOS exam in the best possible way.

We offer 105 hours of YOS Exam Preparation Course online course program with 30 practice tests. We work with our carefully selected study materials to ensure you get over 90 for the exam. Groups formed according to the levels of the students are taught in the latest tech classes that include all subjects. The best YOS Exam Preparation Course offered by Test Prep moves you one step ahead. Best YOS courses in Istanbul, Turkey & online offered by Test Prep, help you to get the best score on the test.

105 hours of lessons
20+10 Real and timed YOS practice tests
100% Refund Guarantee if you are unhappy with the 1st-week lessons
All the materials will be provided

*10 practice tests will be held regularly. 20 practice tests can be taken at any time by the student. After regular practice tests, problem-solving lessons will be held in which the questions that students could not solve or solved incorrectly are evaluated after every 2 practice tests.

2 Installments

YOS Prep Course | Grup Course

The best YOS prep courses by experienced SAT teachers in 8-person classrooms. The course includes 105 hours of YOS classes, plus 20+10 YOS practice exams and question solution lessons.

YOS Private Tutoring Programs Focus on Success in Short Time

Flexible YOS tutoring

- Single 90-minute lesson on TestPrep Interactive Online Platform with 10+ Years Experienced YOS Teacher.

- You can choose from any subjects.

- You can create a lesson program according to your own convenient hours.

Top YOS instructors with 10+ years of experience

Our experienced teachers are working to get you to your dream university.

Personal YOS Program

Our private lesson programs are created according to the appropriate times of the students. We help our students who have decided on the date they will take the exam to create a program. Reach the desired score in a short time with weekday or weekend lesson options.

Global YOS Tutoring Team

Test Prep, which operates worldwide, connects you with YOS teachers all over the world with online classes. Test Prep study materials compiled from hundreds of different sources, working with the best YOS instructors worldwide.

Online YOS Classes

Unlock your potential with our Online YOS Exam Prep

Master Effective Testing Strategies
Online YOS Practice Tests
1 to 1 Premium Tutoring
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Our online education gives students access to our unrivaled international teacher team. So students can get the best support wherever they are. With the Test Prep Online infrastructure, students can share audio, video, slide, chat and screen in real time. From plotting graphs to the flexibility and responsiveness of online workspaces, students and teachers are allowed to explore in detail together.

Expert tutors

Thanks to our tutors and the online infrastructure, we are offering best YOS Exam Preparation Course in Istanbul and in Turkey. At the end of the online classes, students not only master effective testing strategies, but also have ample opportunities to practice comprehensively using the materials covered during the lesson. Best online YOS courses by TestPrep helps students from all over the world.


We have all the applications and materials, including 30 online practice tests, 3,700+ study questions, strategies and approaches. Score reports sent to students at the end of the mock exams provide the best understanding of each question. So you can quickly understand where you went wrong. The practice tests applied at the end of the course are based on providing students a real exam experience.

YOS Tutoring Prices

Our payment options with all the topics of the YOS exam. The prices below are one-time payment prices.

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Eyad Ghulam

Test Prep is the best place to join for the YOS exam preparation courses. Nergiz has done an amazing job being a teacher. During the time of being in this program I have learned so much and improved more than I thought I would. In this program there were also many tutors who would provide extra help opportunities to help us when we felt behind and help us catch up again. Just know when being in this program make sure to pay attention and try your best and you will do stupendous.

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